Governance Statistics during COVID
Measurement and monitoring

Governance Statistics in the COVID-19 Era: A Praia City Group Guidance Note

September 2020
Praia City Group

This guidance aims to assist NSOs and other governance data producers in meeting the governance information needs most likely to arise during COVID-19 pandemic or similar crises. It builds on the detailed recommendations made in the first ever global, member-state led Handbook on Governance Statistics published in early 2020 by the Praia Group on Governance Statistics. The Handbook aims to provide a foundation for the development of international statistical guidance and standards for eight dimensions of governance – namely non-discrimination and equality, participation, openness, access to and quality of justice, responsiveness, absence of corruption, trust, and safety and security. This Guidance Note examines the same eight thematic areas, this time from the perspective of COVID-19 and related governance challenges, and for an audience of time-pressed and resource-constrained governance data stakeholders.